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Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim

Experience swimming up close to the biggest fish in the sea: the Whale Shark. Or next to the truly massive, truly stunning humpback whale.

Join the Gold Medal-winning whale shark Exmouth cruise, voted the Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia, for a wonder-filled day cruising and diving the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef.

Our aim is simple – to delight, educate, entertain and keep each and every one of our guests (very) safe and wanting to come back for more.

With a score of 91* out of 100, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) ranks us amongst the very best companies in the world at delighting our customers! We are committed to giving every guest the best possible experience we can on the day of their tour.

We’d love the chance to delight you too!

A breathtaking experience

Putting you face to face with a humpback whale is what we do! There is so much more out there that we want to share with you that makes the Ningaloo so special. Whalesharks, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, spectacular corals, all shapes and sizes of fish… and so much more both massive and minute!

Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

More for you

  • Our own spotter plane usually means your own whaleshark to swim with, not waiting in a line of whale shark boats for your turn.
  • 2 free snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef. Free snorkel gear hire whilst in town too!
  • Only company offering scuba diving OR Try Scuba diving during your tour. Massive sun-bed to laze on!
  • Best photo taken by our on-board photographer yours for free, or buy the complete Tour Photos Package.
  • Industry-best Whale Shark & Whale Guarantees - come out again and again for free or 3 yr voucher or partial cashback.
  • Our "through-water" communication devices makes you safer & much more likely to swim with a whale or whale shark.
  • Our online “Marketplace” means you can now plan & book the ultimate trip to Exmouth all in one place!
  • Tour with confidence
 - We are committed to a COVID-19 Safe Tour Experience. This starts with our stringent health & safety practices.
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Josie Acland from Six Year Gap Year has this to say
about her Exmouth Whaleshark Swim:

There are a ton of companies to choose from
in Exmouth but there's only one I would recommend,
Ningaloo Whale Sharks.

...and you're stoked because you just swam
alongside the largest fish in the world.

Do it Do it Do it!

Largest Fish in the World