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Why Book Your Humpback Whale Tour With Us?

Our tours focus on one thing – maximising the likelihood our guests will get to experience an in-water interaction with a humpback whale during their tour.

So what makes our humpback whale tours the best available?

Our tour is all about Humpback Whales – it’s not just an “ecotour”

‘Eco-tours’ offer their guests the opportunity to swim with whatever sea life they encounter first – which could be a whale shark, manta ray or humpback whale.Our ‘Humpback tours’ are focussed on getting guests in the water interacting with a humpback whale. You will also get the opportunity to swim with a whale shark, or a manta ray if the opportunity arises – but not in a way that impacts your humpback whale interaction.

We run a longer tour so have more time to locate, screen and put you in the water to attempt an interaction with a whale.

Some tours are much shorter to save costs. We run a full day tour to give us the time we need to maximise the likelihood our guests interact with a whale in-water.

Our own Spotter Plane usually means your own pod of whales

We operate our own Spotter Plane rather than sharing a spotter plane with other tour boats to save on tour costs. (All but one other Operator share planes.) So most of the time, our guests have their own pod of whales to attempt an in-water interaction with, rather than having to share pods with guests on other tour boats too.

Our spotter plane will be in the air above you for a guaranteed four hours, or until your group has successfully interacted with a whale in-water.

The longer your spotter plane is in the air locating suitable pods of whales, the greater the chance you will get to attempt an in-water interaction with a whale. Other Operators keep their spotter planes up for as little as two hours during a tour – which doesn’t work well for humpback whale tours! Having the plane up for longer also means our pilot can direct your tour boat onto more of the truly stunning events that the Ningaloo is so famous for – whether these are stunning surface displays of whales as they migrate past, or onto schools of hundreds of spinner dolphins, or even witnessing an orca predation event. The possibilities are as vast as the ocean itself.

Choose your favourite photo from all tour photos taken by our onboard photographer – yours for free!

Our professional onboard tour photographer captures incredible moments throughout each tour, in-water and onboard too. At the end of the day, guests can browse through all tour photos and choose their favourite one to take with them to share with family and friends – for free! (Tour Photo Packages are also available for purchase for $50.)

Tour No Sighting Guarantees

We would LOVE for every one of our guests to experience the wonder of interacting with a humpback whale in-water – it honestly can be a life changing experience!Given the nature of wild animals, we can never 100% guarantee a successful interaction. But we don’t want you to leave feeling unfulfilled. We are committed to looking after our guests. Our guests who experience an unsuccessful interaction are able to choose from our two No Sighting Guarantees:

GUARANTEE ONE : Second Chance Tour
If any seats are still available at 4:30pm the day before one of our tours departs, you can join us on tour again for just $100. (Please note Option 1 is rarely available during peak times.)

GUARANTEE TWO :“Swing and a Miss” $100 Cashback
Get $100 cashback as an apology for the whales’ antisocial behaviour that day

Our Humpback Whale tours are run on the West Side not in Exmouth Gulf.

Our vessel departs from Tantabiddi on the West Coast where the visibility is much better than in the Gulf (so you can see the whales clearer and for longer) and there are far more opportunities to swim with manta rays and whale sharks during your tour too.

More to your tour!

Swimmers booking onto our humpback whale tour get to swim with any whale sharks or manta rays we find during our tour for FREE if a suitable opportunity arises!

  • Plus two free snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef during your tour
  • Plus FREE snorkel gear hire whilst in town too!
  • Plus guests can SCUBA dive during a tour when conditions allow!

Instructors onboard to accompany certified divers and those wanting to Try SCUBA diving too down below the waves to explore the coral bombies of the inner lagoon.