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Our Whale Shark tour

Our Whale Shark Swim Wonder Tour!

Come with us and experience one of the best whale shark swims in the world!

Rated highly by our guests from the start to the finish of our 2023 season, as reflected in our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Marvel at the grace and size of the largest fish in the ocean, as you snorkel alongside a whale shark swimming through the pristine waters of the World-Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth. It’s a memory of a lifetime for so many of those onboard! 

Why choose us? Swim longer with a whale shark!
On average, our guests have spent longer in the water swimming with a whale shark than guests on any other whale shark tour in Exmouth. 

How? We own and operate our own spotter plane to find you a whale shark to swim with – unlike almost all other whale shark tours that share a spotter plane (and its costs) between their tour boats.

So our guests usually have their own whale shark to swim with, rather than having to wait in a line of boats for a turn to swim, like guests on most other tours.

We care more! 
We have significantly more crew onboard to support, guide and inform you from start to finish of your tour than any other whale shark tour on the Ningaloo. Just ask for help and we will be there!

Cherish the memories including the best photo for free!
You’ll leave with your choice of the best of the tour photos taken during your day out – yours for free!

And with your head and heart filled with awe of the whale shark and Mother Nature, great memories and an in-depth understanding of the Reef and its inhabitants, and the science, culture, and history of the Exmouth region.

Commitment to Conservation and Community and all Indigenous Australians
We strongly believe in giving back, particularly to our local non-profits and organisations whose work benefits us all, including initiatives dedicated to whale shark research, through our 4 Ocean and Community Program.  We also have a long history of working closely with the local Aboriginal Corporation.

As always, we pay our respects to the Elders and indigenous people of the lands and seas where we operate our tours, both past, present, and emerging, acknowledging their enduring connection and custodial rights to this ancient country.

Ready to experience the tour of a lifetime? Don’t miss out on your chance to swim with a magnificent whale shark on your Ningaloo adventure. Unsure whether this tour is suitable for me? Visit our page to learn more. 

Take a sneak peek of swimming with a whale shark on the Ningaloo Reef with our experienced team.