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Manta rays too

Manta rays stand out as one of the most visually striking creatures in the ocean. Their expansive ‘wings’ and distinctive cephalic lobes make them instantly recognisable. Using these lobes, they gracefully scoop plankton and krill into their mouths, sustaining themselves with remarkable efficiency. What’s more, each manta ray boasts a unique spot pattern on its belly, enabling researchers to identify individuals.

Encounters with manta rays are a common occurrence on the Ningaloo Reef, particularly during certain times of the year. Coral Bay hosts a resident population of reef manta rays (Mobula alfredi) year-round, while the waters off Exmouth attract transient manta rays in search of food. Notably, the reef is also frequented by the larger oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris), known for their impressive wingspans of up to 9 metres.

Manta ray sightings peak during the winter months when food sources are abundant, coinciding perfectly with our whale shark season. Our spotter pilot diligently scans the waters during our tours, ready to spot these magnificent creatures. If we encounter manta rays and time allows, all paying swimmers – including those on our included reef snorkels – have the opportunity to swim alongside them. Observers keen to experience the thrill can also join in the water for an unforgettable encounter.

Don’t miss your chance to plunge into this remarkable experience—book your tour today and prepare for an adventure alongside the majestic manta rays and whale sharks!