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Mobile Coverage

Mobile Phone Coverage in and around Exmouth

Only Telstra 4G mobile phone network has coverage outside of Exmouth and Coral Bay townships – and even then its patchy.  All other mobile phone carriers may or may not have marginal coverage around Exmouth and Coral Bay, and have little or no coverage on the rest of the Ningaloo Reef.  Its well worth your while if spending more than just two or three days in Exmouth to get a prepaid Telstra sim card and then divert your normal number to this number whilst travelling, both for emergency purposes and so friends, family and colleagues can contact you much of the time.  (Of course, if a break from the mobile phone is a good thing, please do not do the above.)  Whether you have mobile phone coverage or not, please ensure to check your email and phone at least daily for the two or three days before your tour so we can contact you if required.  If staying in the National Park, its often worth the drive back to Yardie Creek to check messages and emails once a day – they have a great cafe restaurant there that’s well worth a munch and sip too!