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How we keep you and the whale sharks safe

Ensuring Your Safety and the Well-being of Whale Sharks

At Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim, our commitment is to minimise the impact our tours have on the whalesharks, whilst simultaneously prioritising the safety of our guests. We do this through our combination of experienced staff, quality equipment and industry leading processes.

Every member of our crew not only meets but exceeds the minimum training guidelines for working with guests in a marine environment. The majority are dive professionals and accredited snorkel guides, each equipped with Advanced First Aid, CPR and Oxygen training. We have an extensive first aid and oxygen kit, which are always available onboard.

To ensure a safe and personalised experience, each group entering the water is accompanied by at least two dedicated crew members – our knowledgeable guide and skilled photographer. If, for any reason, you become uncomfortable, please promptly inform one of our attentive crew members. We have a range of pool noodles, wetsuits and floats available onboard.