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Our boats

Did you know?

Whalesharks migratory movements are generally influenced by food, in WA they arrive during coral spawning

Our boats

Our main whale shark vessel is a large 17m Westcoaster, that is spacious, stable and very comfortable, and is ideally set out to run whale shark tours on.

With large, cushioned seats, wide back-deck that is under cover from the sun, clear side curtains to protect from the wind and spray, airconditioned cabin, spotless toilet, large flybridge, and extra low duckboard so customers can easily get out of the water at the end of the tour, she is very well suited to Exmouth whales hark cruises.

Our whale shark tour boat’s hull design

Our main whale shark tour boat’s hull is a truly unique artwork, being a striking indigenous dot art painting of the mythical Wagyl / Rainbow Serpent at rest in the Gascoyne River (near Carnarvon). Painted by a leading local Aboriginal artist, we have chosen this design to reflect our ongoing commitment to our indigenous people, and doing what we can to contribute to their ongoing growth and development over time. At 17m long and up to 3m high, it is an artwork with a difference!