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Whale Shark Tour Price

Did you know?

The scientific or Latin name of Whale Sharks is Rhincodon typus

Whale Shark Tours Price

Join us for a truly unforgettable whale shark swim tour experience. Below are our seasonal rates and inclusions for your adventure.

Seasonal Rates

Peak Season

Mar 30th – Sept 15th

  • Adults $550
  • Seniors $525
  • Child $500 (6-16 years old)
  • Family (2A2C) $1990

Shoulder Season

Mar 15 – Mar 29 | Sep 16 – Sep 30

  • Adults $460
  • Seniors $435
  • Child $410 (6-16 years old)

Observer pricing

  • Accompanying a swimmer $250
  • Observers not accompany swimmer $290
  • Child Observer under 6 $40
Own Spotter Plane finds you your own whale shark. (You usually don’t have to wait in a line of tour boats like many other tours!) Tick
Best Whale Shark No Sighting Guarantees Tick
Choose the Best Photo of Your Day taken by our onboard photographer – yours for free! Tick
Most experienced whale shark tour operation on the Ningaloo! Tick
Strong supporters of whale shark researchers and Not For Profits! Tick
FREE tour pick-up and drop off from select accommodation. Tick
Full day boat-trip from around 7.00am ~ 4.30pm
In-water support Tick
Multiple snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef Tick
Delicious fresh food served throughout. (Dietary needs catered for. Please advise at the time of booking)
Briefings throughout the day on whalesharks, the Ningaloo and its marine inhabitants. Tick
Sunscreen & sea sickness aids (not medication) Tick
High quality snorkel gear, stinger suits & wetsuits Tick
Spacious comfortable vessel with spotless toilet facilities Tick
Coaching offered to all guests to become better snorkelers Tick
Sunscreen & sea sickness aids (not medication) Tick

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best time to swim with a Whale Shark?

The great news? You’ve got about a 95% chance of swimming with a whale shark on your very first tour! This awesome success rate holds strong from late March to late July each year.

Considering visiting us outside of peak season?

That’s where the bargains are and your chances are still good. The whale sharks usually show up off Exmouth the beginning of March, and for the last few years have stuck around well into October, and sometimes to mid November.

(Whilst we would LOVE to be able to guarantee the whale shark season each year we unfortunately can’t – these are truly wild animals!)

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our full FAQ page or contact us.