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World Class Scuba Diving

World Class Scuba Diving

Exmouth has been voted #2 dive destination in the world by both Discovery Channel & National Geographic.


Whale sharks, the Ningaloo Reef, the Muiron Islands, Lighthouse Bay, the manta rays, being able to swim with migrating whales and the Exmouth Navy Pier combine to make it a truly world class tourism destination unlike any other.

How to dive the Ningaloo Reef?

To get the very best out of your trip to Exmouth, Ningaloo Dive Exmouth offers a number of whale shark / humpback whale tours and SCUBA diving packages.

We work with providers who run scuba diving tours to the Muiron Islands, Navy Pier and Lighthouse Bay. Organise your dive trips through us when booking your whale shark tour!

There is something for everyone here! Choose one, two or more of the following:

Ningaloo Dive Tours

Lighthouse & Ningaloo Reef

Dive Lighthouse Bay – it’s a simple awesome dive site.

Navy Pier

Dive one of the world’s top #10 shore dives, the Exmouth Navy Pier.

The Murion Islands

Only a short boat ride from Exmouth lies two deserted islands offering visitors some of the best diving in Australia.

Scuba Dive with your tour

Do an easy, fun shallow (5-7m) SCUBA dive on the coral bombies of the inner reef during the afternoon of your whale shark tour.

We also run dive courses!

Courses are conducted on our whale shark tours, weather permitting.


Experience life under the sea, with your own dive instructor right next to you, in one of the world’s top dive destinations!

Refresher Dive

Refresh your dive skills so you can go diving again whenever you want!

Why choose us?

✓PADI Certified Instructors  ✓Over 10+ Years Operating Experience    ✓All dive equipment included

Keen to book a dive package?

You can book your Ningaloo dive package through us online or call us on 9949 4777, or email us at [email protected].

Important: Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim provides whale shark and humpback whale swimming tours, including a fun dive on the Reef during the afternoon of your tour. We also work with the best dive tour operators in town to offer guests dive trips to the Muiron Islands, Navy pier and Lighthouse Bay.