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Dive Lighthouse Bay or Ningaloo Reef

Dive Lighthouse Bay or Ningaloo Reef

Lighthouse Bay is a world-class dive site on the tip of North-West Cape. It offers stunning dives along a single meandering ridge- line of the Ningaloo Reef, surrounded by a massive sand desert. This effectively turns it into a sealife magnet much of the time!

Mostly 12-15m in depth, Lighthouse Bay suits all levels of divers. The range of sealife – and especially big sealife – including dolphins, mantas, reef sharks, turtles, hard and soft corals, moray eels, schooling pelagic fish, and so much – that regularly visit or live on the Ridge makes this a dive site not to miss.

The whales love to rest in Lighthouse Bay during their annual migration North and South each year too, which makes for some truly stunning surface intervals much of the time too!

Ningaloo Reef Dive Sites

The West Coast has a wide range of other great dive sites too – Nick’s Lump, Blue Holes, the Gap and False Passage and so many more sites are waiting to be explored. Depending on the weather, we will visit the best dive site on the day. Caves, swim throughs, huge bombies or walls, and a truly diverse and amazing range of hard and soft corals makes the Ningaloo Reef an absolute wonder haven for divers!

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