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Is the Humpback Whale Wonder Tour Right For Me?

Is this experience right for me?

Humpback Whale Tour or Whale Shark Tour?

Embarking on a humpback whale tour is a VERY different adventure to joining us for a whale shark tour. If you are a good snorkeller and can confidently swim in the open ocean unassisted, our humpback whale tour sounds right for you. If not, our whale shark tours offer guests onboard a less strenuous experience most days, and requires less advanced snorkelling and swimming abilities.

The Whale Shark Swim Tour Experience

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our all-encompassing whale shark tour, where swimming with these majestic creatures is just the beginning.
Running from March 15 to September 30 each year, this tour encapsulates the best of the Ningaloo experience.

Success rates of finding and swimming with a whale shark are very high (typically 95%+). During these awe-inspiring swims, the whale shark gracefully navigates the waters, often unperturbed by the surrounding swimmers. At a manageable speed, even swimmers of varying abilities can usually keep up, allowing for an immersive experience that can last up to an hour with a single whale shark.

To get the best whale shark swimming experience, book our ‘Whale shark Swim + Wonder Tour | March – July’ or ‘Whale shark (then Whale!) Wonder Tour | August – September’ 

The Humpback Whale Interaction Experience

Our humpback whale tours are meticulously designed to maximise the likelihood of a group having a successful in-water interaction with a whale. These tours operate from August 1 annually.

Engaging in in-water whale interactions demands a precisely coordinated series of activities, involving spotter plane, tour vessel, on-deck and in-water guides and swimming groups. 

Particularly critical is the ability of each group of swimmers to snorkel to a target location from the tour boat to interact with the humpback whales. Every swimmer needs to be able to swim there independently and unassisted, without undue splashing or noise. And follow the directions from their guide as soon as these are given.



In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to remove swimmers from participating in in-water interactions if, in our view, their splashing, noise or swimming ability makes it significantly less likely others in their group will get to interact with a whale in-water. No refund is due or payable in this situation.

Discounts available if you book onto both tours! Book online today. 

Whale Watching Option

Many guests choose to come out on our tours as a whale watcher, and spend the day observing these stunning animals up very close from the deck of our tour boat, and watch the interactions occur during the day. As well as seeing the amazing surface displays of the humpback whales, whale watchers also get to participate in reef snorkels and swim with any manta rays we encounter too. 

Whilst our ‘Child’ ticket price is aged between 6-16 years, children under 13 are not usually permitted to swim with a humpback whale unless their parents can vouch that they are genuinely confident in the above skills. They must be independent snorkelers that will be able to keep up with their in-water group and not require any assistance from the parents whilst in the water. We do reserve the right to exclude any swimmer, including a child, from their group, with no refund being given in this situation.