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Humpback Whale Tour: No Sighting Guarantees

Am I guaranteed to interact with a humpback whale in-water whilst on my tour?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee for wildlife sightings. 

What we can guarantee is our team will work tirelessly and expertly to maximise the likelihood you will get to swim with a whale.

On around 80% of tours, guests will interact with a wild, wondrous whale in-water. The other days, Mother Nature, the whales and the open ocean deny us this chance. 

(In these situations, we will still try and get you swimming with a whale shark or manta ray during your tour if we possibly can instead.)

What happens on tours where our group doesn’t get to swim with a whale?

Our commitment is we will not profit from unsuccessful tours, where our guests don’t get to swim with a whale or a whale shark. 

And we will do whatever we can to maximise the chance guests will get to go out and try again during their visit.

So we offer two No Sighting Guarantees, to look after our guests as best we can:

GUARANTEE ONE : Second Chance Tour

If any seats are still available at 4:30pm the day before one of our tour departs, you can join us on tour again for just $100. (Please note Option 1 is rarely available during during peak times.)

GUARANTEE TWO :“Swing and a Miss” $100 Cashback

Get $100 cashback for each Adult and Senior booked onto a tour as our way of apologising for the whales’ antisocial behaviour that day.

Our Commitment and What You Can Expect

In our dedication to providing an optimal experience, we strive to maximise the chances of an in-water interaction with humpback whales before and during your tour.

However, this commitment is never at the expense of the well-being of these magnificent creatures or the safety of our guests.

Benefiting from an extended tour duration and ample spotter plane time, our in-water interactions are positioned for higher success rates.

What we can guarantee is that our team is 100% committed to delivering you the best possible experience on the day of your tour, and showcasing the wonders of the Ningaloo Reef throughout as suitable opportunities arise.

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