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Why Book Your Whale Shark Tour With Us?

We’re the best Whale Shark Tour Company!

Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim is committed to providing the best whale shark tour we possibly can – each day, every day, every tour.  We achieve this based on our 20 years of industry experience (the longest of any tour company in Exmouth), and seeking to continually improve on what we do and how we do it.

It is a privilege to take our guests out on tour and help make your dream of swimming with a whale shark come true. Our team is committed to doing everything possible to ensure your tour is unforgettable, so please, if we can ever help, just ask!

What makes our whale shark tours the best available?

Our own Spotter Plane makes the difference! 

We are one of the only whale shark tour companies in Exmouth to own and operate our own spotter plane. This means we don’t have to share our plane time between multiple tour boats like almost all other whale shark tours in town do.  

Our plane operates independently from the whale shark tour boat fleet, so you have your own private eyes in the sky to find you a whale shark to swim with.  As a result, on average over the last decade our guests have spent longer swimming with whale sharks than any other tour in town.  How?  You won’t usually have to wait in a line of boats for your turn to swim with a whale shark like guests on most other tours do. 

Our Awards and Certificates 


Outstanding tour guarantees

Our Whale shark Swim Guarantee

If you are one of the unlucky few (<5% of tours) who don’t get to swim with a whale shark during your paid  tour, you can either:

  1. Go out on our next available tour whilst you are still in town, free of charge, on a standby basis.


  1. b) Or get all profit we would have made from your tour refunded back to you in full.

We commit to not profiting from a tour if it’s unsuccessful.  Instead we refund all profit back to the whale shark swimmers onboard, only keeping enough to cover the costs to run the tour that day. 

Profit refunds are calculated based on the following:

Ticket price paid by a customer

MINUS: Operating costs for the tour on that day (~$275 /50% in 2024 for fuel, wages, spotter plane, licence fees, catering, and related costs)

EQUALS: Refund amount we pay to the customer for an unsuccessful tour

*Important: cash refunds are NOT payable on repeat tours.

Bad Weather Guarantee – If we have to cancel your tour because of bad weather before heading out, you can either come out again on the next available tour during your stay or receive a full refund less a $50 fee to cover the booking and administration costs of your booking.  

Seasickness Guarantee – If you become too seasick to participate in your group’s whale shark swims, you can come out again on a standby basis for free when the weather improves. (We are the only company to offer this.)

Good Swim Guarantee – We’re so lucky with whale shark encounters on the Ningaloo that we guarantee you and your group at least a 30 second quality in-water interaction with a whale shark during your tour. If you did not get this, you can come out again on standby for free on our next available tour.

Industry-Leading Crew to Guest Ratio

We care more!  Our tours feature the highest crew-to-guest ratio of any whale shark tour boat on the Ningaloo, ensuring unparalleled attention, safety, and care – we have one crew member for every three passengers onboard a tour!

SCUBA Dive the Ningaloo Reef too! 

We are the only Ningaloo whale shark company to offer guests the opportunity to dive on the coral bombies of the Reef’s inner lagoon during your tour..  (Dives only occur during good weather and when spaces are available.)
* If you haven’t dived before but have always wanted to, you can try SCUBA diving for yourself with your very own dive instructor!
* If you haven’t dived for a while, this is the perfect time to do a Refresher Course so you can go diving again! 
* If you’re certified, head out for a shallow bombie dive – its easy, fun and a perfect warmup for more dives whilst you are in town too! 

We give back! 

At Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim, we hold a strong belief in giving back, especially to our local non-profits and organisations whose work benefits us all (including whale shark research) through our 4 Ocean and Community Program. 

Select your favourite Tour Photo for Free!  

Our onboard photographer captures amazing moments during the tour, both in-water and onboard. At the end of each day guests can pick their favourite photo to keep and share, free of charge! Full Photo Packages are also available for $50, purchasable when you book  or onboard.

Ready for an experience of a lifetime? Book now before you get any regrets of having missed swimming with a whale shark upon your visit to Ningaloo!