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Whale Shark Tours

We’re all about Ningaloo’s Whale Sharks

Come with us and experience Exmouth’s best Whale Shark Tour. Join Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim’s team of committed, fun-loving and friendly professionals for a day out on the Ningaloo Reef and experience wonder for yourself. Marvel at the size, grace and beauty of the biggest fish in the world as you swim alongside it in the pristine waters of the Ningaloo Marine Park.

Its ok to pinch yourself when you’re swimming alongside a whale shark too – we still do! That huge whale shark right next to you is actually real, and you are actually doing this crazy thing.

We’d love to take you out into the amazing Ningaloo Reef and to share our knowledge of the whale sharks, the Ningaloo Reef and its inhabitants, our indigenous Australians, and the absolutely fascinating history of the region in which we operate. Take a look at the typical itinerary for the day – we think you’ll be pretty surprised to see everything that’s included in your Whale Shark Tour.

What makes ours the best whale shark tour in Exmouth

What makes ours the best whale shark tour in Exmouth?

Our purpose in life is to bring you the best whale shark tour possible. To do this, we know we need to step up and lead the way in the Whale Shark swimming experience we offer. So, unlike most of our competitors we actually guarantee you’ll get to swim with a whale shark. And not any old swim. We guarantee you will get a good swim with a whale shark or your next swim is free! Find out more.

What’s included in your Whale Shark Tour

Your Whale Shark Tour Itinerary

Get set for the most spectacular day of your life. Find out what to expect when you go swimming with Whale Sharks with us with our full Whale Shark Tour Itinerary. Find out more.

What’s included in your Whale Shark Tour?

What’s included in your Whale Shark Tour?

We hope you’re up for an action-packed day out on the Ningaloo Reef! We start nice and early at 7:30am and we’re out swimming with Whale Sharks until 4:30pm. If you want to see exactly what’s included in your Whale Shark Tour, click here.

Essential Info

Essential info for your Whale Shark Tour

If you’re looking for the best times to swim with Whale Sharks, how to go about joining a Whale Shark tour or anything else you can think off, this is the place to look. Read more.

How we keep you safe

We'll always keep you safe when Swimming with Whale Sharks. We have a 100% Safety Record for a reason. On our Whale Shark Tours, you're in safe hands. Read more.

Is a Whale Shark Tour suitable for me?

Is a Whale Shark Tour suitable for me?

Not sure if you want to go Swimming with Whale Sharks? Our experienced Whale Shark Dive Professionals will make sure you have the best experience. Read more.

Families and Whale Sharks

Take your Family swimming with Whale Sharks. Families of four or more get 14% discount off their Whale Shark Tour – what more of an excuse do you need?. Read more.

Seniors and Whale Sharks

Seniors and Whale Sharks

Our team at Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim gets a huge kick out of taking seniors swimming with Whale Sharks. There’s even a $40 discount for Senior Card holders. Read more.

Whale Shark Facts

Whale Shark Facts

Find out loads of Whale Shark Facts and information like 'how did the Whale Shark get its spots?' before you go swimming with one! Read more.

About Whale

3D Photo of Whale Shark Swimming

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to swim with a whale shark? Well, if we haven’t convinced you to come and find out for real, maybe we can tempt you with our interactive submersive 3D photo.