Humpback Whale Swimming
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Humpback Whale Swimming

Swim with Humpback Whales in Exmouth


NWS is committed to offering you the very best Humpback Whale swimming tour on the Ningaloo.

Running out of Exmouth Western Australia, Our humpback whale diving tour is focused on achieving just one single objective:

To maximize the likelihood our Whale Swimmers will get to swim with a humpback whale. And to do this in a way that gives each and every guest the best possible tour experience possible.

Join the crew previously awarded the Gold Medal for the Best Adventure Tour in WA at the Western Australian Tourism Awards and experience the best of Ningaloo’s humpback whale-swimming and whale-watching.


What makes our tour the best whale swimming tour available?

1. We’ve invested in the break-through technology that completely changes how whale swimming tours occur

When you get into the water for your whale swim, you’ll be wearing a mask and snorkel with a high-tech earpiece attached. Your in-water guide will be wearing an earpiece and mouthpiece too.


These units make it possible for our Spotter Plane Pilot to talk directly with your in-water guide whilst your group is swimming towards the whales.

Based on their view high above the waves, our Pilot provides your in-water guide with moment by moment directions of where your group needs to swim to maximize the likelihood a humpback whale will choose to interact with you.

Your in-water guide then communicates directions to your group so you are all swimming in the same direction at the same time, without the need to take your head out of the water to hear their instructions.

Outcome? The latest through-water communications technology makes it much more likely your group will be in the right spot in the right time to experience swimming with a whale.


It also means our Boat Skipper and Spotter Plane pilot are in constant contact with your in-water guide, and your guide is in constant contact with you, every moment you are in the water. Better communications means increased safety for all involved, from start to finish of your tour.


1. We do everything we can to get you swimming with a whale

We do everything we can to get you swimming with a whale. Our tours are ten hours long. Not seven or five or eight like the other whale swimming tours on offer.

Our Spotter Plane stays up until everyone has swum with a whale, or the ocean component of the tour ends at 3pm. NOT two hours, or three hours or four hours like the other tours.


Because every hour you are on tour, and every hour the spotter plane is up finding you the best of the whales to swim with, is CRITICAL to maximizing the likelihood of you swimming with a whale.

Swimming with whales is a numbers game.

  1. The more pods of whales our spotter plane pilot finds, the more pods they can evaluate to find the best ones for us to swim with.
  2. The more pods of whales our Pilot directs our Boat Skipper to, the more pods of whales the Skipper can evaluate to find one likely to interact with our swimmers.
  3. The more attractive pods we find, the more likely it is we will drop a group of swimmers into the water to hopefully interact with the whales.
  4. The more groups of swimmers we drop into the water to hopefully interact with the whale, the more groups of swimmers will actually get to swim with a whale.

Going on a whale swimming tour of less than ten hours means you are likely to get substantially fewer drops on likely pods of whales.

Which means your likelihood of swimming with a whale is substantially less.

We also ensure there are no more than seven swimmers in the water with a guide and photographer for any encounter group. Fewer swimmers means less perceived risk and greater group coordination, all of which increases the likelihood of you swimming with a humpback whale.

Why spend all the time and money getting to Exmouth without doing everything you can to maximize the chance you actually get to swim with a humpback whale?

Less expensive whale tours are less expensive for a reason.


2. Our tours are about getting the whales to choose to swim with us. Not getting us swimming with the whales.

Our Humpback Whale Swimmers are all trained up to be able to participate in a Soft In-Water Whale Encounters. It’s the single best known way to successfully swim with a whale.

Its something Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim strongly supports and we are continually working on getting better and better at.

For more information about Soft In-Water Encounters, see How To Swim With a Humpback Whale.


Please note that all Swimmers MUST be able to snorkel in the open ocean unaided without causing significant splashing or noise. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to remove Whale Swimmers causing significant splashing or noise, or who are unable to keep up with their group in-water, from in-water groups approaching the whales, until such time as all other Swimmers onboard have had the opportunity to swim with a whale. (Basically these swimmers are making it much less likely other whale swimmers onboard will actually get to swim with a whale.) Once all other swimmers have swum with a whale, these customers will be personally escorted towards a whale by their guide, photographer and an additional crew member if an opportunity arises. No refund or guarantee is due or payable in this situation.

This is the tour to choose if you are serious about swimming with a whale during your visit to the Ningaloo.



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