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What’s the Difference?

Why Choose Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim?

We’re Exmouth’s best Whale Shark Tour Company.

In everything we do, Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim is committed to offering you the very best whale shark tour that we can. How? By providing the very best whale shark tour we can each day, every day, and continually improving on how we run our tours to achieve this outcome. We aim to make your tour one of the very best whale shark tours you have ever been on. It’s a privilege when you choose us to take you out to swim with a whale shark. Our team knows it and commits to doing everything we can to ensure you truly love your tour.

We are the only whaleshark tour to ever win the prestigious Gold Medal for Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia at the WA Tourism Awards, and be a finalist at the national Australian Tourism Commission awards. We are also very proud of our Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and now 2019 too!

Having our own Spotter Plane makes the difference

On average, over the last decade our customers have spent significantly longer in the water actually swimming with a whale shark than customers on any other whale shark tour. (And isn’t that why you’re choosing a whale shark tour in the first place?)

Why? We are the only whale shark tour company in Exmouth to own and operate our own Spotter Plane to spot just for our whale shark tour boat. We don’t share our spotter plane between our boats, we don’t charter planes, and we don’t claim to have multiple planes in the air at once. We just have our pilot and plane up in the air, finding you a whale shark to swim with. Simple!

What this means is we find you your very own whale shark to swim with. (Many of our competitors share a spotter plane between two to four other boats. This means they often have to line up for their passengers to have a turn swimming on the whale shark the spotter plane finds for this group of whale shark tour boats.)

We offer you the best possible Whaleshark Swim Guarantees

  • Our Whaleshark Swim Guarantee – is one of the best on offer amongst whaleshark tours around the world. Why? Its our way of doing what we can to look after you when things don’t go to plan. Either come out again next available tour free of charge to try again, or get a voucher valid for three years when you are back in town, or get $140 cashback to refund the whaleshark swimming portion of your tour.
  • Bad Weather Guarantee – Bad weather results in cancellation of your tour? Come out again free of charge next available tour or if you have to leave town before you can do this, get a voucher valid for the next three years that is sellable and transferable too!
  • Seasickness Guarantee – We are the only company to offer this. Too seasick to swim with a whaleshark? Come out again on a standby basis for free when the weather calms down.
  • Good Swim Guarantee – We are one of the few companies to offer this. Your group didn’t swim with a whaleshark for more than two minutes? Come out again standby for free on our next available tour.


Award Winning, Unique and Community Focussed

    • SCUBA Dive on the Ningaloo Reef during your whaleshark tour (or Try SCUBA diving for yourself to see what everyone raves about.)

We are the only whaleshark tour company to offer customers the opportunity to dive on the coral bombies of the inner Reef during your whaleshark tour.

We do this for just $75 for divers and $150 for Try Dives with your very own scuba instructor.

    • We have always actively supported and contributed to our local indigenous Australian corporations, people and custodians, as well as donated tens of thousands of dollars to whaleshark research and to local community and sporting organisations.

Its our way of giving back to the community and region that lets us live the life we do, and have the amazing experiences we have, taking guests out to experience the best of the Ningaloo.