Whale Shark Tour Guarantee
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Whale Shark Tour Guarantee

The Best Whale Shark Tour Guarantees in the World!

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Our Tour Guarantees

We believe these are amongst the BEST Tour Guarantees offered by any whale shark tour company in the world.

The Guarantees listed below apply to all of our fully priced whaleshark tours.

Our Tour Guarantees

Swim Guarantees

If you are one of the very unlucky few who do not get to swim with a whale shark during your first whaleshark tour (<5% annually for the last decade), you can either:

  1. Come out again free of charge on our next available tour to try again*
  2. If we don’t have any availability while you’re in town, you can get a one-off whale shark tour voucher to use when next in town**
  3. We will refund you the difference between our standard Eco Tour ($310) and the price you paid for todays whaleshark tour ($430). That’s $120 for each Adult & Senior booking.

If you paid a discounted rate for your tour ($379 or less)…
You will receive a $100 off voucher to use on any of our tours, either whilst you are still in town or on your next visit.**

Best Price Guarantee

To make sure our guests get the best whale shark deal possible, we will match any cheaper advertised price for an identical whale shark tour – even after you have booked with us! Just bring it to our attention and we will cheerfully refund you the difference. Its our way of making sure you can be confident you are getting the best deal from us, and there is no need to shop around.

Bad Weather Guarantee

If bad weather means you can’t go out on your scheduled tour, you will be rescheduled onto the next available tour free of charge to try again. If you have to leave town before this is possible, we will issue you a Whaleshark Tour Voucher valid for three years that is sellable or transferable. And if the Skipper declares that a tour is “Safe but Sucks” before 1pm during your tour, then you can book onto a repeat tour on a standby basis for just $50 until your scheduled departure date from town.

Seasickness Guarantee

We are the only company to offer this

If you get seasick on your tour to the extent you cannot swim with the whale shark, you will be offered the opportunity to come out again on a standby basis on our next available tour free of charge to try again in more enjoyable conditions.

Good Swim Guarantee

We are one of the few companies to offer this

We guarantee you a Good Swim with a whale shark during your tour. If your group spends less than 2 minutes in the water actually swimming with a whale shark, you will be offered the opportunity to come out again on our next available tour free of charge on a standby basis to try again.

* If you choose to come out on the next tour, it is a one off. There will not be another option if still unsuccessful
**all vouchers are a one-off voucher, they will not be able to be re-issued if you have another unsuccessful tour. They are all fully transferrable, non-refundable and not valid during school holidays. All vouchers are valid until October 2026
***family packages will receive the guarantees for the 2 adults and a $100 voucher for each child.