What’s the Difference?

Why Choose Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim?

We’re Exmouth’s best Whale Shark Tour Company.

In everything we do, Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim is committed to offering you the very best whale shark tour that we can. This includes leading the way as one of the world’s leading whale shark tour operators, including:

  • Our own Spotter Plane = Passengers Swim Longer with a Whale shark. Over the last ten years, our passengers have swum with whale sharks for significantly longer than customers on any other tour. Why? We are the only whale shark tour company in Exmouth to own and operate our own Spotter Plane to spot just for our whale shark tour boat. We don’t share our spotter plane between our boats, we don’t charter planes, and we dont’ claim to have multiple planes in the air at once. We just have our pilot and plane up in the air, finding you a whale shark to swim with. Simple!

What this means is we find you your very own whale shark to swim with. (Many of our competitors share a spotter plane between two to four other boats. This means they often have to line up for their passengers to have a turn swimming on the whale shark the spotter plane finds for this group of whale shark tour boats.)

Does this make a big difference? On average, over the last decade our customers have spent significantly longer in the water actually swimming with a whale shark than customers on any other whale shark tour. (And isn’t that why you're choosing a whale shark tour in the first place?)

The Best Whale Shark Tour Guarantees - leading the whale shark tourism industry world-wide:

  • Our Sighting Guarantee - We believe this is the BEST guarantee offered by any Whale Shark tour company in the world.
  • Best Price Guarantee - We are the only company to offer this
  • Bad Weather Guarantee
  • Seasickness Guarantee - We are the only company to offer this
  • Good Swim Guarantee - We are one of the few companies to offer this


Award Winning, Unique and Community Focussed

    • The only whale shark tour company to win a Gold Medal for Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia, which is recognised as leading whale shark tourism globally.

We are the only whale shark tour company to have won a Gold Medal for Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia. How? By providing the very best whale shark tour we can each day, every day, and continually improving on how we run our tours to achieve this outcome. We aim to make our tour one of the very best whale shark tours you have ever been on. It’s a privilege when you choose us to take you out to swim with a whale shark. Our team knows it and commits to doing everything we can to ensure you truly love your tour.

    • Dive the Ningaloo Reef (or Try SCUBA diving) during your whale shark tour We are the only whale shark tour company to offer customers the opportunity to dive (if certified divers) or Try SCUBA diving (if not certified) on the Ningaloo Reef during their whale shark tour.

We do this for just $55 for divers and $95 for those wanting to try SCUBA diving for themselves – which is one of the cheapest SCUBA dives in Australia on one of the best dives sites in Australia!

    • Actively supporting, contributing to and working with indigenous Australia We are the only whale shark tour company in Exmouth to actively support and work with the local indigenous custodians, people and organisations.

We have been doing so for the last ten years, and we are committed to doing in every feasible way into the future. Its through working together that we will work things out so that all of our kids can have a better future.