Whaleshark & Diving Packages
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Whaleshark & Diving Packages

Did you know?

Whalesharks are estrimated to live around 100 years, reaching sexual maturity around 30 years

Whaleshark Diving Package Deals Available

Our Ningaloo Whaleshark and SCUBA diving packages give you the best deals available in town, whilst keeping things just as simple and as easy as possible.

Package Deal Bonuses

To maximise the value you get from your whaleshark plus diving package, we offer two bonuses with every package booked:

  1. 50% off a Scuba dive during your whaleshark tour (so $40 for self-guided & $50 with your own dive guide). Diving on the coral bombies and gardens of the inner Ningaloo Reef. Its shallow, easy (~45 minutes) diving (5-7m depth) through the world-famous corals of the Ningaloo Reef, surrounded by an amazing range of sealife, from huge shovel-nose rays to tiny nudibranches. Its a very easy, very fun dive and includes all gear. (It is NOT intended to be the best diving on the Ningaloo – just a fun, interesting dive on some great coral bombies.)
  2. $20 off the retail price when you book a Muiron Islands or Lighthouse Bay / Ningaloo Reef dive tour. (No discount available on the Navy Pier unfortunately as we pay full retail to book you on.)


The Ningaloo Whaleshark & Diving Packages

Four truly wonder FULL whaleshark and diving packages are on offer, with prices including all dive gear:

Package 1

The Navy Pier and Whaleshark Tour Dive Package

Swim with a whaleshark and dive the Exmouth Navy Pier, one of the top 10 shore dives in the world and NOT to be missed if you are a diver visiting Exmouth. Its like a massive aquarium under the Pier (just without any glass walls), with a density and diversity of sea life that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Single Pier Dive : $690*

Double Pier Dive : $760*

This Package includes:

  • Whaleshark Tour
  • Guided dive on the day of your whaleshark tour
  • Navy Pier Single or Double dive

Package 2

The Murion Islands Whaleshark and Dive Package

The Muiron Islands are two deserted coral islands 14kms offshore. Remote, pristine, stunning corals, great walls, caves and swim throughs, drift snorkels and dives and big sealife – the Muirons offer some of the most consistently good diving available anywhere. And the Muirons offers outstanding snorkeling too, so non-divers can savor the marine wonderland of the Islands too.

Murions Double Dive : $750*

This package includes:

  • Whaleshark Tour
  • Guided dive on the day of your whaleshark tour
  • Muiron Islands double dive package

Package 3

The Wonder Full Three Day Whaleshark and Dive Package

Combine the whalesharks, and full day dive tour to the Muiron Islands, and the Navy Pier diving, and you have an amazing three day dive holiday ready to go.

Full Package with Single Pier Dive : $930*

Full Package with Double Pier Dive : $1000*

This package includes:

  • Whaleshark Tour
  • Guided dive on the day of your whaleshark tour
  • Navy Pier single or double dive package
  • Muiron Islands double dive package

Package 4

The Ultimate Four Day Whaleshark and Dive Package

Add a full day dive trip to Lighthouse Bay or the Ningaloo Reef and you have the ultimate whaleshark + dive package whilst visiting the Ningaloo. The Ningaloo Reef is world famous for its diving, sealife and corals. Lighthouse Bay is a single ridge line running through a “sea desert”, so it acts like a sealife magnet – everything in the area hangs out on Blizzard Ridge which runs the length of Lighthouse Bay. Whilst the corals aren’t as impressive as the Muirons, the big sealife that is often at Lighthouse Bay more than makes up for it on many dives – pods of dolphins, manta rays, huge schools of pelagic fish, its a truly awesome dive site.

Full Package with Single Pier Dive : $1150*

Full Package with Double Pier Dive : $1220*

This package includes:

  • Whaleshark Tour
  • Guided dive on the day of your whaleshark tour
  • Navy Pier double or single dive package
  • Muiron Islands double dive package
  • Lighthouse Bay / Ningaloo Reef double dive package

Important Package Notes

*Note: $20 premium charged during School and Public Holidays
Important: Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim provides the whale shark and humpback whale swimming tours, including a fun dive on the Reef during the afternoon of the tour. We work with the best dive tour operators in town who will take you on your dive trips to the Exmouth Navy Pier, the Muiron Islands and Lighthouse Bay / Ningaloo Reef.

How to Book your Whaleshark Plus Scuba Dive Package

Your Whaleshark Plus scuba diving packages can be completely booked and scheduled online. Please follow the steps below to secure your booking

Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim works with the very best dive tours in town to offer our guests the opportunity to come out on one of our award-winning whaleshark tours, and scuba dive at the location Discovery Channel voted 2nd best dive destination in the world!

How to make your whaleshark plus diving package:

  1. Click “Book Online Now” and select the Tour for the date you want to visit. Enter in the number of tickets you want to purchase. Start by doing this – we recommend you book your whaleshark tour for the first day after you arrive in Exmouth to maximise the usefulness of our Whaleshark Swim Guarantees.
  2. When the Optional Extras Page comes up, choose the GUIDED Dive during your tour. (50% off ONLY if booking other dive products with us!) 
  3. A new page will then be displayed with the Heading “Booking Details” Immediately above this heading there is an unfortunately wording “Make Another Booking” Click on this then select “Dive the Ningaloo Too”.
  1. Enter in the number of tickets you want to purchase on each of the scuba diving tours you want to go on whilst in Exmouth – whether its the Muirons, the Navy Pier or Lighthouse Bay / Ningaloo Reef you are in for some truly great diving.
    REALLY IMPORTANT : the Exmouth Navy Pier requires every diver to pay an additional ~$50 on the day of their tour to Department of Defence to access a fully operational military facility. Bring this cash, AND suitable Photo ID (Passport or Drivers License) with you on the day of your tour. Whether it is a single dive or a double dive on a particular date is determined by the tides, not by the operator. Whilst we do our absolute best to give you what you want re single dive or double dive, this is dependent on both the dates you are in Exmouth and the tides on those dates.
  2. Enter in your personal details, the preferred dates for your diving and payment details and you are done.

You will then receive an email showing your Booking is Pending Supplier. We will figure out what tours to book you on on what dates whilst you are in Exmouth, book these and then email you back with your Booking Confirmation, and the dates for the various tours.