Whale Shark plus Humpback Combo
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Whale Shark plus Humpback Combo

Did you know?

Whalesharks are estrimated to live around 100 years, reaching sexual maturity around 30 years

Humpack Whale & Whale Shark Ultimate Package

Our ultimate ocean giants package deal. 1 Full day tour swimming with the majestic Whale Sharks and a 2nd full day tour enjoying the wonders of the Humpback Whale

Maximise your time here in Exmouth by enjoying two distinctly different tours, showcasing the absolute best the Ningaloo reef has to offer.

Your day with the whale sharks will generally be at a more relaxed pace as you enjoy a day appreciating how these giants of the ocean glide gracefully through the crystal blue waters

You’ll combine this this with second more adventurous and fast paced day as we purse the humpbacks with the help of the latest under water communication devices. Our goal on Day 2 is ensuring small well coordinated groups of swimmers get the best chance of interact with a pod of whales.



Water Shark


Package Bonus

Guests booking onto our Humpback Whale and Whale Shark Packages will enjoy a $50 discount off the total price to book per person.


Humpback Whale and Whale Shark Package Price

Adult Swimmers


*normally $920
per person


Senior Swimmers

*normally $880
per person


Family Swimmers
2x Adults & 2x Kids


normally $2,860
per family


Please call us to book these packages 08 9949 4777