When is the best time to come

Best Time to Dive with Whale Sharks

Good news is that the likelihood of swimming with a whaleshark on your first tour stays around the same from late March to late July each year (around 95% success rate), and that the whalesharks usually hang around well into August and beyond most years. (In 2016 we were swimming with them in October!)

So really comes back to your own plans and what best suits you.

March and April are hotter, like a tropical beach holiday without the humidity. Turtles and coral spawning too.

Early May is quietest time of the season in town, with fewer people around so if this appeals this is the time to come.

Late May and June have the oceanic manta rays and the humpback whale migration happening, so one tour often involves interacting extensively with whaleshark, mantas and humpbacks. No difference between early, mid and late June.

April and July School Holidays are very busy so miss these if you can.

Late July usually beautiful weather. and quieter - its also the perfect time to book a whaleshark tour if you are also wanting to go swimming with the humpbacks whilst you are in town.

August 1 on, we can also go swimming with humpback whales so can book yourself onto both tours for a truly stunning experience with two totally different animals. (Humpback whales continue through to end of October.) Whaleshark tours currently available till mid September - we adjust scheduling towards the end of July when the finish to the season becomes clearer. Worst case scenario, if the majority of whalesharks leave before passengers booking onto a whaleshark tour arrive, then we automatically upgrade these passengers to our Humpback Whale + Wonder Tour, and include swimming with any whalesharks we come across during this tour too.

You can also take a look at our Marine Calendar for a visual guide as to when to expect each species on the Ningaloo Reef. Click below for full guide.

Marine Calendar
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Marine Calendar