When is the best time to come
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When is the best time to come

When is the best time to come to swim with a whale?

The official humpback whale swimming season is from the 1st August to the 30th November.

However, we find after mid to late October, as the temperatures during the day heat up, that tours become less pleasant, and more and more tours need to be cancelled due to not having minimum numbers as fewer and fewer tourists come to visit.

So our season will be from 1st August 2019 until the 30th September 2019.

As we’ve only been allowed to start Humpback Whale Swimming in the last couple of years, its hard to gauge a best time to come. Basically any time is a great time to swim with a whale. Having said that, the earlier you come, the greater the likelihood of also swimming with a whaleshark during your tour.