What’s The Difference?
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What’s The Difference?

All humpback whale tours are NOT the same!

We are committed to running the very best whale swimming tour on the Ningaloo. Everything we do, and how we do it, is about this. The differences between our tour and others include:

Our own spotter plane makes a big difference.

Our own spotter plane is in the air for a minimum of four hours per humpback whale tour.

We don’t try and save costs by sharing our spotter plane with other whale or whale shark tour boats – this basically means the pilot is spending only some of their time finding us whales to swim with, whilst we need ALL of his time to make it as likely as possible you get to swim with a whale.

We don’t only have the plane up for two or three hours each tour to save costs.

More plane time means our spotter plane pilot finding more suitable pods for our Skipper to do more drops of whale-swimmers on.

It also means our spotter plane is up finding the pods of whales engaging in the most stupendous surface displays, and directing our Skipper to these pods so our onboard whale-watchers and whale-swimmers get to observe the best action available.

Our cruises leaves from the West Coast, where the big marine life lives and the water is clearer

Our vessel departs from Tantabiddi on the West Coast of the Cape.

Tantabiddi is not as easy or cheap to get to as the Exmouth Marina or Bundegi, We depart from here so our guests get a real chance to also swim with whale sharks and manta rays, and interact with so much more (blue whales, dugongs, minke whales, killer whales, spinner dolphins and so much more.) Tours departing from the Gulf are much, much less likely to interact with any of these creatures.

Importantly too, the visibility whilst snorkelling is much, much better off the West Coast than in the Gulf. So you get to see the whales much more clearly, and generally for longer, as they swim past.

Much more for free as part of your tour

  • 2 free snorkels on the coral bombies of the Ningaloo Reef during your humpback whale tour . PLUS free swimming with the manta rays as the opportunity arises!
  • PLUS whale swimmers get to swim with any whale sharks we locate for free during the tour if the opportunity arises
  • PLUS Free snorkel gear hire whilst in town too!
  • PLUS Get $20 off high-end compact underwater camera hire onboard (just $30 not $50) – just ask our Photographer about hiring a camera when you board.

Dive the coral gardens of the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef too!

Currently certified SCUBA divers can upgrade to go for a fun-dive on the inner reef, to explore the amazing corals of the Ningaloo and interact with its sealife, both massive and miniature – from huge shovel-nosed rays and massive cod, to tiny nudibranchs, every dive is different.

Those wanting to Try SCUBA Diving for themselves with their own instructor Only company offering SCUBA diving OR Try SCUBA divingduring your tour. Or a snorkel scooter safari or mermaid swimming!

Both activities are very much dependent on the time available at the end of the tour – if we are still looking for whales until late, the dives will be cancelled and your money refunded.

Walk away with the best photo of the day – yours for free!

You choose the best of the photos taken by our Tour Photographer to take away free with you.Tour Photos so you can share your experiences and memories with others on facebook, Instagram or email.

We offer industry-leading Whale Swim Guarantees.

Don’t swim with a whale during your tour? We want to do what we can to minimize this disappointment.

  1. If the opportunity arises during your tour, you will at least get to swim with a whale shark, the iconic giant of the Ningaloo Reef.
  2. Or you can come out again on our next available tour to try again for just $100.
  3. Or come out on our next whale shark tour instead for just $80 on a standby basis.
  4. Or get a $100 off voucher on any of our tours when you are next back in town, that is valid for the next 3 years.

Of course, our Bad Weather and Minimum Numbers Guarantees still stand, where you receive a full refund if we have to cancel a tour due to either Bad Weather or we don’t have the minimum number of passengers needed to cover the costs of the tour.

Through-water communications makes a world of difference

We are the only company to have invested in the latest hi-tech through-water communication devices from Casio. Your in-water guide receives directions straight from our Spotter Pilot as you are swimming so your group gets to the very best possible position to swim with a whale. And your in-water guide can talk to you throughout, increasing safety and group coordination too.

through-water communications technology that enables our Pilot to talk your in-water guide as you are swimming, giving directions where to head