Young Children, Pregancy and Whale Shark Tours

Whale Shark diving with young children or whilst pregnant

We get asked a lot about Whale Shark diving and tours either while pregnant or with infants, so here's some information to help answer those questions. As always, if you have questions that aren't answered here please just contact us and ask away.

Can I go Whale Shark diving whilst pregnant?

Its amazing how often we have a pregnant adventurer wanting to keep on living life regardless of being pregnant. We have absolutely no problems with this as long as your doctor doesn't.  We strongly recommend you talk this through with them well before your tour, to ensure they have no problems with it.

In terms of being looked after whilst on your tour, all our tour staff are divemasters or dive instructors, selected not just on these qualifications but also because of their empathy and attitude.  (If they don't care they don't get the job. Simple.) 

So please remember to ask for help whenever needed during your tour - that's honestly what the crew are there for.  

Also, please advise that you are pregnant when you book so we can organise suitable catering for the day.

Only other issue to consider is the possibility of bad weather. (About 4-5% of our tours are cancelled because of safety concerns due to weather.)  We strongly recommend NOT coming out if the weather is not great. Please keep an eye on the weather (we recommend checking The Exmouth Dunes wetaher station on the Windguru website -  If its looking average, feel free to reschedule your tour up to 72 hours beforehand.    

If seasickness could be an issue, please also confirm with your doctor that you are safely able to take seasickness tablets before your tour - and then read these instructions carefully too - most require you to take them well before boarding the vessel to work. 

Hope this helps - travel well and please let us know if you have any more queries.

Whale tours with a baby or child under 6

Best answer for you is that it really depends on the age of the child.

We recommend either

  • booking your babe or child into the great daycare facility in town on a casual basis, or
  • organising a private babysitter (contact Exmouth Visitors centre 08 99491176 for list) or
  • one of you stays with babe on shore one day whilst one of you goes out on tour and remembers what its like to be free...;-) and then next day switch it about, and the other one goes out on tour for a day off.

Main issue is when tours have less than flat weather during the day - there is nothing sadder than a seasick baby or toddler! Specifically how well the baby lifejackets actually work is also another one in a million concern - whilst we have them, I don't personally believe they support the baby's head adequately to work well. (Having said that, the likelihood of ever needing one is simply microscopic... but needs to be raised regardless.)

If you do bring them onboard, you will need to tag-team with your partner to ensure one of you is always directly supervising the child at all times during the tour. How this works is one of you in the water swimming with whale shark as part of a group, group finishes their swim and gets back to vessel, swimmer gets out of the water and then tags the minder, then its the minder's turn to head out to swim with the whale shark.

Please let us know if you have any more queries relating to young children and infants.