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Our Tour Bus

Did you know?

Whalesharks are estrimated to live around 100 years, reaching sexual maturity around 30 years

Air Conditioned Tour Bus

Some of our guests have let us know that they felt cramped and uncomfortable and a little bit too close to people they had never met on the Toyota Coaster minibuses that most of the whaleshark tours use to transport guests too and from Exmouth to Tantabiddi (the port where the whale and whale shark tour vessels leave from).

The New Tour Bus

So in 2018 we purchased a 39 seater MAN bus (globally recognised as the top class) that offers simply the best visibility and spaciousness and seat comfort in its class. (It also offers an automated Disabled Ramp too.)

The bus is nearly twice the size of a Toyota Coaster, whilst offering the same fuel efficiency and advanced suspension. And its onboard sound system and microphone ensures your tour briefings are easy to hear throughout your drive to and from Tantabiddi too.