Tour 1 - Whale & Whaleshark & Wonder

Whale & Whaleshark & Wonder

A full ten hours in length (or more), this tour is for people focussed on doing everything they possibly can to experience swimming with a humpback whale – whilst taking advantage of any opportunities to swim with a whaleshark that arise too!

Everything about the tour is designed to maximise the likelihood you will get to swim with a whale.  This is basically a numbers game.  Our spotter plane stays up longer most other tours, finding us the best pods of whales for us to approach – usually these are resting whales or the ones moving slowly through the ocean.  The better quality the pods of whales we approach, the more drops of whale swimmers we can do.  The more drops of whale swimmers we do, the greater the likelihood our whale swimmers will actually get to swim with a whale during their tour.
The tour is also ideal for serious whale-watchers and serious photographers, with our skipper committed to provide as many quality opportunities as possible to see the whales just 50m away (which is 50m closer than anywhere else in Australia!) and to take great shots of their surface displays from the vantage points of our flybridge or sunlounge on the front deck.

Our crew is on watch continuously too, looking for whales, whalesharks, manta rays, dolphins, dugons and more!  Your experienced in-water guides (all professional dive-masters or dive instructors) work with our marine scientists to brief you up on humpback whales and the behaviours observed whilst whale-watching.  And then you’ll be trained up in Soft In-Water Whale Encounters  – it’s the best known way to swim with a whale.  And its something Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim strongly supports and is focussed on continually getting better at.  (Take a look at Swimming With A Whale for more information about Soft In-Water Encounters.)

Our Whale Swim Guarantees lead the industry too.

If you don’t get to swim within 30m of a whale, you can :

  1. Come out standby on our next available tour for free and try again.  Then keep doing this for just $50 per day OR
  2. Come out on our whaleshark tour for free standby instead whilst you are in town OR
  3. Get a 50% repeat tour voucher which is also sellable or transferable that is valid for the next 12 months or until DPAW ends the pilot program.

Your tour also includes free swims with manta rays or whale-sharks we encounter. (Whale Watchers will need to upgrade to swim with a whaleshark.)  And it includes free photos of your day out on tour and the option of purchasing high-rez portrait shots from your in-water photographer  – what they can do with experience, a great camera and lens and photo editing software is often stunning! 

And it includes a free SCUBA dive (if certified) or Try Dive (if not) with our experienced dive instructors, or dive scootering around the Reef to round off your day out on tour too (time permitting)!

The cruise leaves from the West Coast, rather than from the Marina as this makes it MUCH more likely we’ll see whalesharks and mantas – and possibly orcas too! - during your tour.  (And watching the sunset over the ocean not the land is also something many of our guests haven’t experienced before.)

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