Whale Swim Guarantees
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Whale Swim Guarantees

Industry Leading Whale Swimming Guarantees

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Will I Swim with a Whale?

We unfortunately cannot guarantee you will swim with a whale on your tour. Why? We don’t choose to swim with a humpback whale, it chooses to swim with us. We are talking about a truly wild animal, in the open ocean, with the weather having a major impact too.

What We Can Guarantee

We guarantee that we have done everything we can before your tour, and will do everything we can during your tour, to maximise the likelihood you will swim with a whale. We are going to try, try and try again throughout your tour to make this happen. Each tour, every tour.

Across the industry, around 70% of guests onboard swam with a humpback whale during their tour. With the change of license conditions to allow us to swim with whale calves more than half the length of their mother, this success rate will increase substantially. And with our longer tour, more spotter plane time, experience and through-water communication units, our success rate is very likely to be higher than this again.

So what happens if I don’t Swim with a Whale?


Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim is committed to looking after each and every one of our customers as well as we possibly can. Including when you don’t get to swim with a whale or a whale shark during your tour.

Our Whale Swimming Guarantees lead the industry, simply because we believe the right thing to do is to look after our customers as well as we possibly can across everything we do.

If you don’t get to swim with a whale…

  1. You can come out again on our next available whale tour to try again for $100 off, on a standby basis.
  2. You can come out on our next whale shark tour instead for $100 off, on a standby basis.
  3. You will get a $100 refund per person who has paid over $380 for their ticket

*All guarantees apply to all tickets purchased over $380

Our Bad Weather and Minimum Numbers Guarantees still stand, where you receive a full refund if we have to cancel a tour due to either Bad Weather or we don’t have the minimum number of passengers needed to cover the costs of the tour.