Whale Shark Boat

Did you know?

In 2014 the biggest whaleshark slaughterhouse factory in China was exposed. With around 600 whalesharks a year being killed and their meat, fins, skin and oil sold on a global scale

Seazone - Our Spacious Whale Shark Boat

Seazone is a very spacious, very stable vessel that has been extensively fitted out to give guests on our tours the very best possible experience on their big day out. She is recognised as the long-term leader of the fleet of whale shark vessels in Exmouth.

Whale Tour Boat Info

Purpose-built to handle the West Coast weather and swells, she is a 19m Conquest out of the big mould, with a massive 5.5m beam to provide guests with a spacious and stable back deck. She has a brand new 1000HP Doosan main, a bow thruster to maximise stability, main and back up Kubota gensets, a top-of-the-line desalinator unit and the top range Bauer Mariner dive compressor fitted onboard too.

Dive Deck and Other Facilities

Her duckboard has been fitted out with $12,000 worth of dive ladders to make entering and exiting the water as easy as possible for all guests, regardless of size, shape or fitness levels. (Our crew are always just an arms-length away to help too.)

She is kept to the very highest standard by our crew, and has a full galley, fridges and freezer onboard for all catering requirements too.