Muiron Islands

Did you know?

Apart from human impact, there are no known predators of adult Whalesharks, however, Blue Sharks, Blue Marlins, and Orcas are all predators of juveniles

The Magical Muirons

Only a short boat ride from Exmouth lie two deserted islands offering visitors some of the best diving in Australia.  Amazing corals, a huge variety of fish-life, manta rays (in season), a great drift dive / snorkel, walls, channels, caves, all make the Muirons well worth a visit.  Perhaps the best part about it is its consistency of the diving - its hard to have less than a great dive when there! 

And with great coral bombies and protected reef, the Muirons also offers snorkelers some world-class snorkelling too.  (Be sure to ask if the drift snorkel between the two islands is possible!)  So divers and snorkellers, couples and families can make a great day