Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe

Our commitment is to do everything we can to minimise the impact of in-water interactions.  And to do everything necessary to maximise your safety at all time whilst you are in the water too.

To achieve this aim, we are the only tour vessel to have invested in the very latest through-water communications to ensure your In-Water Guide is in constant contact with both your tour boat and the spotter plane.  If help is needed, it will arrive straight away.  Similarly, directions given by the pilot to your in-water guide minimise the potential for in-water collisions or freaking out the whales unnecessarily.  And your guide can talk to you whilst in the water too, providing assurances and directions as needed.

Our briefings ensure you understand what to do when to both maximise your likelihood of interacting with a humpback whale, and your safety whilst you do so.

All crew are very experienced SCUBA dive instructors, or fully trained Skippers.

Every group of swimmers entering the water is accompanied by at least two of our team as Photographer and Guide.

Maximum five swimmers in the water at once.

Oxygen and a comprehensive first aid kit maintained onboard.

Your safety is our priority at all times.