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Hire the Whole Boat!

Did you know?

Whalesharks are estrimated to live around 100 years, reaching sexual maturity around 30 years

Chartering Your Own Boat

For a whale shark tour

Have a group of 15-20 wanting to swim with the whale sharks?  Contact us for a very attractive price for a private whale shark cruise just for you and your group.  (Multiple whale shark tour boat charters possible if your group numbers more than 20.)

Party Charters

Wanting to organise a party cruise off Exmouth whilst here?  We can help! Our company is an experienced party charter boat company, with all the gear (sound system, lighting, eskies, decorations etcetera ready to make your party a celebration to remember.


Cruises weddings are amongst the most memorable, especially with the backdrop of the crystal blue waters of the Ningaloo as the setting.

Our team specialise in wedding cruises in Perth and Exmouth, and can provide the support, planning, theming, catering and plans to make your wedding the celebration your have dreamed of.

And all wedding guests receive 25% Whale shark Tour Vouchers as our special way of thanking them for coming out into the amazing Ningaloo Marine Park with us.

Perth River Cruises

Perth Party Cruises are one of Perth’s leading river cruise companies.  Through a combination of a great setting, a great venue and great service, our team works with you to put together a cruise to remember.  Whether it’s a bucks or hens night, a wedding cruise, an anniversary or birthday, or just to have a party, we have the cruise for you.

Full information on cruise types, availability, extras and contact details can be found on the website