Divemaster Workoff

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A whaleshark's skin is thicker and tougher than any other species

PADI Dive-Master Courses

This program has been temporarily suspended

Swim with whalesharks (and manta rays and from 2016 humpback whales! when in season) and dive the amazing Ningaloo Reef whilst completing your Dive Masters course - its a course that both gets you where you want to go and gives you amazing experiences and memories whilst you do it.

Our Dive-Master courses provide people wanting to become dive professionals with both a globally recognised dive qualification AND the on-boat experience that is invaluable when looking for your first job.

It involves completing your DiveMaster course over a six week period, and paying for it not with cash but with your blood (hopefully none of it), sweat (considerable amounts) and tears (again, something we try and minimise!).  

Your PADI DiveMaster program is the first step in becoming a dive professional.  The DiveMaster program approaches training using practical application, background information and flexibility to provide a course that works for participants and future employers. The goal is to create well-prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professionals. 

As well as the formal theory and in-water skills required for the course, you will be trained up on our boats, and in our office, so you graduate with the understanding and experience to be able to effectively contribute as a dive professional.  

Its not about the diving!

Really importantly, this course is NOT about amazing diving. (Though you are in a truly amazing diving location and are very welcome to organise your own diving expeditions whilst here to experience for yourself the best diving the Ningaloo has to offer.)

Instead the program is about about learning how to work in a team to make and deliver amazing diving and snorkelling experiences. And about you becoming experienced and capable in leading groups of tourist in a way that keeps them safe, delights them, and enables them to experience our amazing marine world for themselves, up very close and personal.

Whilst we dive most days, most of these dives are on just a few of the best coral bombies and coral gardens within the Ningaloo's inner reef, in 5-8m depth.  We don't offer technical or advanced diving - though we work closely with the best of the dive boats in town who do.  Rather than the dive tourists, we are after the tourists who dive, if that makes sense.

So the course involves lots of prepping gear, filling tanks, helping guests gear up, getting them safely into and out of the water, endless cleaning of gear and boat, catering etc.   You will learn how to support and manage divers and Try Divers, snorkellers, underwater scooterers, mermaid swimmers, and even possibly helmet divers.  And assist with dive courses, use a dive compressor, with gear maintenance and repairs etc.  In our office you will be learning online booking systems, sales, customer service and social media management, amongst other key skills.  And we reserve the right to get you to help out in whatever other areas of our operations we need you for too!    

All you have to pay for is 

  • your PADI Divemaster Kit (which you take with you when you leave)
  • and your Divemaster registration with PADI that is attainable once you have successfully completed your course. 

Because we have very limited spaces on our programs (maximum 4 divemaster trainees on each program), we require you to pay for both of the above when enrolling in the course.  This becomes your non-refundable bond for your reserving a place on the course, which we then use to pay for your Kit and your registration.  (So please do NOT register unless you are committed to coming as our whole rostering system for our tours is seriously screwed up by late withdrawals!)   

Please contact us on (08) 9949 4777 or email us at info@ningaloowhalesharks.com to discuss your Whale shark DiveMaster course, and the key details including how long it will take, how many courses and dives you will have to do (this varies between individuals depending on their experience and certification levels), and how long your work-off period will be.

Contact Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim today to do your DiveMasters whilst spending much of your course onboard our whale shark tour boat, taking customers swimming with whale sharks.